Dr.Mary Ivers on her favorite lecture

My favourite lecture to deliver is the first lecture in my research module. This introduction to research highlights the need to carry out research to expand our knowledge so we can develop high quality interventions and ultimately help people. Quite often students are scared of doing research because it involves collecting data and analyzing it. My aim is to dispel the fear! My lecture focuses on the skills needed such as searching for information, reading, and taking a critical approach. In other words being healthily skeptical! Being a good researcher is like being a good detective, always looking for evidence. Students learn about the need to conduct rigorous, systematic research using an analytical approach and support their views with evidence from previous studies that are reliable and valid. This is equally true whether they are interested in an individual case study or in finding out about a particular characteristic in a large group of people.

Dr. Mary Ivers, BA Psych (Hons); M.Litt., Reg.Health Psychol. Ps.S.I., C. Psychol.