A Conversation with Virginia Kerr, Alumnus

What do you most value from your time at Turning Point on a personal/professional level?

I Value The Secure And Nurturing Space Which Has Been Created By The Turning Point Institute. This Space Enables Self Exploration And Growth Which Is Vital To The Development And Training Of Psychotherapists.

What was the most difficult aspect of your training as a therapist?

The Most Challenging Part Of My Training Was Facing My Own Demons, Owning My Issues And Learning To Accept Myself, Warts And All!

What was the most surprising thing about your training?

The realisation that I have choices, I have autonomy over my own life and that it is ok to say no. I couldn’t believe how liberating this was.

Why did you choose to train as a psychotherapist?

I Have Always Been Very Interested In The Workings Of The Mind And Particularly The Psyche Of The Classical Musician In Performance. Being A Classical Singer Myself Made Me Very Aware Of Some Of The Challenges Musicians Face Both On And Off Stage.

What was your profession before training at Turning Point?

My Principal Profession Has Always Been, And Still Is, A Classical Singer. I Also Teach Singing, Lecture In Performance Psychology And Work With Cancer Patients In A Psychotherapeutic Setting.

What did you learn most about yourself at Turning Point?

That I Try To Do Too Much And Am Not Always Kind To Myself, That I Am Allowed To Make Choices And Say No. I Learned To Give Myself Permission To “stop” Now And Again.

Why did you choose to train at Turning Point?

I Chose The Turning Point Institute Because I Knew Kay Conroy And Mary Paula Walshe And Respected Them Highly. I Knew The Standards Of Excellence That They Sought To Provide In The Training And In The Therapists That They Send Out Into The World. I Wanted To Know More About People And The Psychological Make Up Of People. I Also Wanted To Do A Lot Of Intense Work On Myself And My Own Self Development. I Feel That The Training Was So Worthwhile Even If I Never Actually Worked As A Therapist. It Was Of Huge Benefit To Me As A Person.

Is it important to you the MSc is accredited by UCC?

Yes It Is. This Is An Excellent Course. It Takes A Huge Amount Of Work, Study, Self Sacrifice And Time. It Should Be Recognised And Valued And Should Take Its Rightful Place In The Academic World.